Quick Quiz Mobile for iOS

Quick Quiz Mobile for iOS is now on the App Store. Should you have any questions, comments, or suggestions for improving it please post a comment below or send an e-mail to: don@wilsonware.com. Also you may e-mail any quizzes to me that you make and would like to contribute to the shared download area. If the quizzes have references to copyrighted works be sure to abide by copyright fair use.

Quizzes may be e-mailed by tapping the “Edit” button, select the quiz, then tap the action button iOS_action_button. Recipients of the e-mail with Quick Quiz installed may select the attachment and “Open With” Quick Quiz. Custom responses may also be shared in the same manner.

Coming soon… Quick Quiz for Mac that will be fully compatible with Quick Quiz Mobile for iOS quiz files.




Gift Exchange Lite 1.0.3

Gift Exchange Lite 1.0.3 is now in the App Store. This corrects a bug that any participants selected from the device contacts may not work quite right when notifications are sent. The “To” email address was not being filled in automatically. The reason for this is that participants selected from contacts will have an additional prefix such as “Home:” in the email field to identify the particular email address selected. When notifications were sent this prefix is not being handled correctly.

Gift Exchange Mobile for iOS

Gift Exchange Mobile for iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch is now in the App Store. Please review the online instructions. Should you have any questions or problems please check out frequently asked questions. Leave a comment or send an email to me with any questions, problems, or suggestions for new features.

Also, please let me know if you would like to help with beta testing upcoming updates for the app.





CommView merge window

Added Color setting dialog and merge window. Added timing dialog to show time lapse info such as: sentdata<timelapse>rcvdata<timelapse>sentdata …

Gift Exchange 2.63.0

Updated download for Gift Exchange to version 2.63.0. This corrects an issue that in some cases sending with SMTP to the whole list of participants may fail. Sending one at a time by right-clicking on the name and selecting “Send” does not have this problem. The problem was due to an issue with the progress dialog box. Also adds prompt after drawing names to save the file so the names drawn should be saved right away in case something goes wrong.